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Electronic health records do not save any money.
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 Posted: Wed Sep 19th, 2012 02:25 am
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Electronic health records (EHR).

If you get stopped at the subscriber firewall, here's how you get around it.

Google the article title:
A Major Glitch for Digitized Health-Care Records

The Wall Street Journal article will usually be the top hit.

Click through to the article and the WSJ gives you a free pass to the article.

Electronic health records do not save a dime in healthcare.

The studies supporting the technology INVARIABLY come from the industry, and usually supports their own product in particular. The same studies, done by third-party researchers, fail to find any cost advantage.

Now both sides play this game. Gingrich used to make flip comments all the time about how EHR's would save medicine. Getting worse as Obama is making a major push for the technology......and the new wrinkle of PUNISHING those who choose to continue with paper records. Reduced payments, penalties are now anticipated if you continue with paper records.

Those actually doing front-line medicine have known this for years, but no one listened. Actually, the regulatory types usually had contempt for the skeptics, as Luddites.

Now the academics are starting to come 'round.

Now hey, there are plenty of  reasons to adopt an electronic health record. But don't expect it will save money. Maybe it will help prevent some medical errors.........but there's evidence it helps to create new opportunities for error.

And then there's the problem with privacy..........

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