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How to post pictures
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 Posted: Mon Sep 28th, 2009 08:16 pm
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How to post pictures ...

There are two options for posting images ~

1) Posting from your hard drive

2) Posting images from teh web

To post an image from your hard drive - while you are in the posting window - underneath the text box you will see something that looks similar to this:

Click the Browse button ~ a dialog window will pop - locate the file on your hard drive - click Open - then click PREVIEW ... If you have properly attached your file ~ in the preview window, you will see any text you've typed and the words:

Attachment: (your file name. [extension])

If you see the above in your preview window ~ you have successfully uploaded your image from your hard drive and you can continue with your post ... If you do NOT see the above in your preview window ~ please begin again ... :o)

To upload images from the internet ...

You can upload images at http://www.photobucket.com ~ and when you do - they have 'tags' down at the bottom of your image when you view them - you can copy and paste into your DD board post that will automatically set your image up to be posted ... the max image size at DD is 640 x 480 pixels (they have pre-set size options at photobucket last I looked ...

If you already have photos uploaded elsewhere - like at Flickr for example ... here's what you would do ... these beginning and ending 'tags' are very important ... Let's say you go to Flickr and view your image - You'd go to your DD board post and type in ...
[img]we'll get to this part for Flickr in a minute[/img]

Now - the beginning [img] and ending [/img] are extremely important and must be there exactly as shown above! ... The web address ~ when you're in your 'Flickr' window - RIGHT click over the image - select COPY IMAGE LOCATION ... and paste it between the [img] tags ... so you would have something like ...


After you've done that ~ Hit PREVIEW ~ if your image shows up in the preview window - you've embedded your image correctly and you can continue on with your post ... if it does NOT show up in your post - something went awry somewhere, please start over and try again ;o) ...

Allowable extensions to upload: jpg jpeg png bmp gif txt
Maximum pixel size allowed: 640 x 480

IF you continue to have problems - there are several people on the board who are more than willing to help ~ just ask :o)

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